About Us

We believe in the value of simple, direct and honest work. At Pivot we work hard to understand our clients, their needs, and their goals.


We provide low-cost, high quality consulting services to our clients. We strive at all times to be a strategic partner committed to doing things right the first time; with this approach we offer an alternative to the standard, high-overhead, high-rate consulting firms.


How is Pivot Different? 

We offer a high degree of expertise at a lower cost than most environmental consultancies. We are not afraid to say that we are committed to saving our clients money, and getting their projects done on time!!


How Does Pivot Do This?

Pivot brings senior environmental scientists, engineers, and technical experts to our clients at a lower cost than most consultancy's charge for their junior staff.


Our business model has been structured to ensure our clients only pay direct fee's and a very low overhead rate - this means a uniquely low cost to our clients.


In short, our clients don't pay high overhead rates for a luxurious "brick and mortar" office full of staff that aren't working on their project.


The Result?

You get senior experts working on your project and you pay much less. You get successful compliance and get on with your project without breaking your budget.


Our Partners

Pivot works closely, and frequently with a number of trusted and effective teaming partners.  Our teaming arrangement allows us to bring "large-team" style diversity of services while maintaining our small company price and communication structure.


Geomorph Information Systems, LLC (GeomorphIS) is an information technology, environmental planning, and biological survey consultancy based in San Diego, California. GeomorphIS was founded in 2004 by GIS and environmental professionals and has since developed into a full-service consulting firm.


​​McIntyre Environmental

McIntyre Environmental provides a broad range of environmental plans and permit support to their clients. Pivot works closely with McIntyre Environmental to assist our clients with NEPA, CEQA and other environmental plans and permits throughout the West.


Battle Born GIS

Battle Born GIS is a highly experienced Reno-area GIS data analysis and mapping firm.  Pivot and Battle Born work closely together on public and private projects throughout the region. Battle Born is a Nevada-based company that focuses on helping agencies, small businesses and individual consultants with their GIS needs. Battle Born GIS utilizes open-source based GIS platforms in order to provide our clients with high quality and affordable GIS services to industry standards