Pivot's Cultural Resource Managment (CRM) specialists and Archaeologists offer a wide range of CRM and Archaeological serivces to help provide our clients the ability to understand the cultural significance of their sites. Our archaeologists are Registered Professional Archaeologists (RPA) and are permitted in Nevada and California for resources on Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service land. All of our senior field personnel hold at least a Master’s degree in archaeology or a related field and have extensive experience in the area.


Qualifications and Services:


  • Nevada BLM Permitted as Principal Investigator

  • California BLM Permitted as Principal Investigator

  • Registered Professional Archaeologist

  • NHPA Section 106 and Section 110 Compliance

  • Class I Literature Searches

  • Class II Site Testing

  • Class III Cultural Resource Inventories

  • FCC Form 620/621 Compliance(Cell towers and similar)

  • NEPA and CEQA Compliance

  • Construction Monitoring

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Historic Context Preparation

  • Site Record Digitization

  • Digital Form Creation and Implementation



Cultural Resources Inventories (Section 106)

At Pivot, we pride ourselves in giving our customers exactly what they need.

When it comes to Class III Inventories, for example, we recommend an extensive

literature search and site visit prior to a full inventory contract. Our clients might decide to alter

their focus if extensive cultural resources will be found on a property. Doing a literature search

as a separate contract from the Class III Inventory allows the client to easily switch gears on a

project without being locked down to a full survey contract.



Archaeology is the study of the past; it doesn’t have to work in the past. At Pivot, we use the latest technology to ensure an efficient and cost-effective completion of any project. Our archaeologists use Apple iPads with custom site forms for all phases of archaeological fieldwork. Complicated site forms are created in the field and are virtually complete when the fieldwork is complete. This compares to site records being completed sometimes months after fieldwork at other companies. As technology changes, we’ll be there to see what works, what doesn’t work, and to choose the best method for each situation.


Aside from using the latest technology, we’re also innovating when we can. Pivot Archaeologists design custom field forms and use technology from other industries to make our jobs more efficient and to get our clients working and permitted faster than the competition.























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