Pivot has been busy over the last year with a number of new and ongoing contracts and new services out of development and now ready use.

​Pivot now has locations in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and Helena, Montana.

Pivot has recently begun operating in new areas with locations in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and in Helena, Montana.  These locations allow Pivot to provide services throughout New Mexico, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and the upper great basin.


Service Line - Aerial Drone Surveying & GIS Mapping!!

At Pivot Environmental we are very excited about the potential of our new aerial drone surveying imagery and mapping capabilities!!!  In partnership with Battleborn GIS - We now are able to bring to our clients aerial drone surveying, photography and GIS mapping services. Aerial surveying allows us, and our clients to gain a unique and cost effective method of collecting aerial imagery and spatial information by using aerial drones. This allows us to develop photography, mapping, remote sensing, and even analysis through a range of differing bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as infrared, gamma, or ultraviolet.  Additionally this imagery can now be highly targeted to our clients specific needs. Whether you are inspecting a canyon or a dry river bed for cultural artifacts or a heavily forested mountain side for raptor nests.

Although both maps and aerial photos represent a 'bird's eye' view of the earth, aerial photographs are not maps. Maps are orthogonal representations of the earth's surface, while aerial photos display a high degree of radial distortion. However, by using GIS in conjunction with aerial surveying, this distortion can be corrected for and is useful for enhancing conventional biological, ecological, and archaeological surveys. Survey work that would have previously taken days or weeks can now be dramatically reduced in terms of time and cost. while maintaining or even improving accuracy and detection of target features.

Project News

Geomorphis / Pivot Team - Wins US Forest Service 5 Year Environmental Services Contract !!!

Pivot Environmental in partnership with Geomorphis LLC., has been awarded a 5 Year Ongoing Service Contract by the US Forest Service to provide a broad range environmental services throughout Northern California, Nevada, and Southern Oregon. This is an exciting opportunity for us at Pivot and represents a significant step forward for our company and we'd like to thank our partners at Geomorphis LLC.


​​Bureau of Land Management - Battle Mountain, Nevada District

Sagebrush Ecosystem Management (SEM) Program

Programmatic NEPA Environmental Assessment

Pivot is currently teaming with GeomorphIS LLC to help the BLM develop a Programmatic NEPA Environmental Assessment (EA), which will assess a proposed plan to provide meaningful and proactive ways to better manage the sagebrush ecosystem throughout the very large Battle Mountain District.


US Forest Service - Beckwourth Ranger District, Portola, CA.

Northern Goshawk Survey - Plumas National Forest

​​Pivot Biologist Jon Silva (Project Director) and Environmental Scientist Scott Ackert, along with Project Biologist Mike Reiner are currently engaged with and have recently finished the first phase of a contract under the US Forest Service (USFS) to develop a comprehensive Northern Goshawk Survey in the Plumas National Forest (PNF) Beckwourth Ranger District. The PNF is located in northeastern California, roughly 25 miles southeast of Quincy, California, and is comprised of 1,171,183 acres.  The Project / Survey Area itself covers roughly 15,000 acres spread across certain older growth timber stands within the PNF. Certain areas which clearly represent unsuitable habitat or nesting areas are generally to be eliminated from the Survey. The survey will include roughly 1,400 call-points and be performed in two phases - June through July, and again throughout August 2016. In 2017 the two year survey was successfully concluded with a final tally of a record 7 active Goshawk nests confirmed in our 15,000 acre survey area!!!

We at Pivot are VERY proud of this result as it is significantly better than was accomplished in past surveys. In years past other consultants managed to confirm a maximum of 2 or 3 active nests during a survey of the same area. This means that a large exclusionary buffer area will be established around each nest providing long-term protection from logging for those areas.

Bureau of Land Management - Elko, Nevada District

O'Neil PPA - Vegetation Treatments - NEPA Environmental Assessment

Pivot is working with GeomorphIS LLC, to help the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Elko District Office to  complete National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) studies and analysis for the O'Neil Project Planning Area (PPA) Vegetation Treatment Project. The NEPA EA for the O'Neil PPA Vegetation Treatments Project will assess the direct, indirect and cumulative impacts of a habitat improvement project that will include various vegetative treatments. The BLM anticipates that the EA may address environmental impacts from water resources; air quality; vegetation resources including noxious weeds; wildlife (including migratory birds); special status species (T&E); range resources; land use and access; aesthetics (visual); cultural resources; geology, minerals; soils; recreation; hazardous materials; Native American religious concerns and traditional values; environmental justice, and others as determined through internal and external scoping of the project.

Biological Assessment and Wetland Delineation

Mohawk Realty - Whitehawk Development, Graeagle, CA.

Successful completion of full permit "suite" for new gold mine startup

Black Rock Canyon Mine - Crescent Valley, NV.


Migratory Bird Survey

Black Rock Canyon Mine - Crescent Valley, NV.

Noxious Weed Survey

Gold Wedge Mine - Scorpio Gold Corp.