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Our team consists of Pivot owners, associate professionals and teaming partners. Pivot has ongoing agreements and contracts allowing us to work together seamlessly as a close-knit team. This arrangement, as an integral part of our approach, allows Pivot and our associates to bring a project team which is scaled up or down to suit the needs of each project or client; and because we  scale our teams and charge no overhead for non-project staff we keep our costs lower than most.

Scott Ackert

Principal Environmental Scientist - Nevada

Scott Ackert is a Principal Environmental Scientist and co-owner of Pivot Environmental.


Scott has over 25 years of experience specializing in environmental permitting and planning for private and public projects and programs. Scott has experience providing a broad array of assistance with federal and state permits and regulatory compliance solutions for mining, linear and site construction, infrastructure development, natural resource management. Scott has senior level experience on over 25 NEPA and CEQA projects throughout the western USA and an extensive background of experience managing Native American development and infrastructure initiatives including NEPA assessments under BIA jurisdiction. Mr. Ackert is a veteran of the US Navy and the US Army and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and Planning (ENSP) from Sonoma State University.


To receive Scott's full resume or qualifications please email or call (775-273-8118).


Email:    s.ackert@pivotenv.com

Jon Silva

Principal Biologist - Missoula, MT.

Jon Silva is a Principal Biologist and co-owner of Pivot Environmental. 


Jon has principal-level experience organizing, training and leading biological and ecological survey and monitoring teams in the performance of various projects throughout the western states. Jon has 20 years of field experience conducting a variety of botanical, fish and wildlife surveys throughout the western United States. Jon has extensive field experience conducting a variety of field surveys including baseline survey, stream inventories, culvert passage, red tree vole surveys, mollusk and amphibian surveys and eagle, owl, raptor and migratory bird surveys. Jon received his Bachelors degree in Wildlife Management from Humboldt State University.


Pivot offers a full suite of natural resources survey and management capabilities to support your environmental decision-making and stewardship of land and water resources.


To receive Jon's full resume or qualifications please email or call (406-531-1830)


Email:   j.silva@pivotenv.com

Chris Webster, M.S.

Principal Archaeologist - Reno, Nevada

Chris Webster is a Principal Archaeologist and co-owner of Pivot Environmental.


Chris has diverse experience in 19 different states and in every region of the continental United States. Chris has extensive experience in all phases of contract archaeology; from literature searches and Class 1 surveys to full-scale excavations and lab work.  Mr. Webster specializes in a range of services from NEPA compliance to Section 106 review, and including all phases of archaeological research,and monitoring activities. Mr. Webster has done important pioneering work in practical utilization of digital field archaeology transitioning all phases of his operation to full  digitization. A fully digitized operation saves client time and money on projects of all sizes. Chris received his Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Georgia, and his Master’s degree in Anthropology from the University of North Dakota. Chris is a veteran of the United States Navy. 


To receive Chris's full resume or qualifications please email or call (775-273-8118)

Email:     c.webster@pivotenv.com

David McIntyre, M.S.

Associate Principal Environmental Scientist - Tucson, AZ.

David McIntyre is a Principal Environmental Specialist, and Owner of McIntyre Environmental.


David is a seasoned environmental scientist and project manager with 21 years of private-sector and DoD experience. David has facilitated collaborative planning efforts for a variety of high-profile projects, including EAs and EISs requiring evaluation under NEPA and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and impact assessments for projects proposed for location on federally owned land.  Mr. McIntyre manages projects involving the development of EIS documents, completion of environmental surveys and planning studies, environmental impact avoidance/mitigation, and regulatory compliance evaluation.


As part of his projects, he provides consistent, effective liaison with public clients and agencies, including USFWS; the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service; the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE); the United States Navy and Marine Corps; the Veteran’s Administration; state water quality, transportation, coastal zone management, biological, and historical preservation offices; and county and city agencies.


Mr. McIntyre is a veteran; having served as an officer in the US Marine corps with a Bachelor’s of Science from the U.S. Naval Academy and a Masters degree in Geography from San Diego State University.

Marchel Munnecke

Senior Botanist, Vegetation Ecologist & Soil Scientist - SL Tahoe, CA.

Marchel Munnecke is an experienced, senior-level botanist, vegetation ecologist and soil scientist.


Marchel and Dr. Alice Miller are co-owners of Pyramid Botanical Consultants. For the last few years, Marchel has been working primarily in the capacity of a soil scientist involved with land capability permitting for Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA). Marchel is also a skilled botanist, with experience from the coasts of California and Oregon, to inland Montana. She has worked in a wide range of ecosystems including wetland, riparian, vernal pool, desert, foothill, to alpine ecosystems. Marchel has worked for over 20 years developing Ecological Sites for NRCS soil surveys. Ecological sites incorporate abiotic and biotic variables that drive ecosystem development, such as geology, soil qualities, climate, and landform. The effect of natural and un-natural disturbances such as fire, fire suppression, or invasive species, are described using state-and-transition models. Marchel is an excellent project manager, and has designed field monitoring and inventory protocols, developed budgets, organized and trained crews, conducted data analysis, and developed final documents. Field data types include: soil logs, plant species cover and production data, forest inventory (FIA), rangeland inventory (NRI), stream profile and cross section measurements, wetland delineations, and other field data.

Menemsha Zotstein, M.S.

Associate Biologist / Ecologist - Truckee, CA. / Reno, NV.

Menemsha Zotstein is a talented and capable associate Biologist with both B.S. and M.S. degree's in biology, with a primary focus on ecological studies.


Menemsha has designed her own field studies and participated in many field projects in diverse and rugged environments such as dense rainforests, wetlands, and deserts. Menemsha has worked mainly with herpetological species but has also participated in studies of numerous other mammal and avian species. Menemsha also assisted with Pivot's recently concluded, highly successful Goshawk Survey in the Plumas National Forest in northern California.

Michael Scaffidi

Biologist, Construction Monitor, Environmental Inspector

Michael Scaffidi is an experienced environmental compliance specialist, environmental inspector and construction monitor.


Michael has been involved in numerous large-scale construction projects ensuring on-the-ground environmental compliance across an array of environmental conditions. In these roles he has been responsible for developing and conducting pre-construction nesting bird and special-status species surveys, preparing associated reports for regulatory and resource agencies, and creating the Worker Environmental Awareness Program (WEAP) trainings. In addition to these roles Michael also develops and conducts weekly construction meetings, illustrating and explaining environmental constraints, special conditions and the scheduling of Environmental Inspectors and biologists necessary to conduct critical monitoring and compliance inspections. Michael also serves to discuss and enhance “problem-solving” with construction crews to avoid impacts to environmental resources, and otherwise ensuring compliance with the project’s permit terms and conditions. Michael received a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology and Management from UC Davis.

Michael Finnell

Biologist, Construction and Biological Monitor

Michael Finnell is a biologist with experience in biological surveys and environmental compliance.


He has worked both in the private and government sectors specifically working with the flora and fauna in the Sacramento-San Joaquin and Sierra Nevada ecoregions. Michael has experience working with fisheries and wetlands and has strong experience in surveying for raptors, pollinators and associated flora, aquatic macrophytes, and sensitive/listed species. Michael received a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science from Sacramento State University.

Devin Blom

Senior GIS & Mapping Specialist / Drone and Aerial Surveys - Virginia City, NV.

Devin Blom is an archaeologist who specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), digital recording and GIS based cartographic products. Mr. Blom has experience working in the federal sector with archaeology and GIS, serving the US Forest Service from 2009 to 2014. Upon receiving a Bachelors degree from the University of Nevada, Reno in anthropology and archaeology in 2014. Mr. Blom has been working in the private sector as an archaeologist and GIS specialist. Mr Blom's has provided GIS support for a variety of resource fields including: archaeology, hydrology, mining, botanical and biological resource mapping.


Devin's specific qualifications and expertise include:


  • Aerial Drone Surveying and Mapping

  • GIS based natural resource mapping and cartographic products,

  • GIS data management and editing,

  • GIS data analysis including LIDAR data processing and analysis,

  • Archaeological survey, GPS recording, monitoring and excavation.

Carmen Gage

Marketing Specialist, Proposal Development, Branding Director

Ms. Carmen Gage is a principal level marketing and branding specialist with 20+ years of experience assisting clients in developing strategic, thoughtful and articulate marketing campaigns designed to promote ideas, products and services. In addition to this Ms. Gage provides strategic level branding, marketing and public relations experience for Pivot and our clients.


Ms. Gage is also available to help develop top quality proposal and report design and production materials both in print and digital medias. Ms. Gage has a bachelors degree in fine arts from Azusa Pacific University of Los Angeles.

Paul M. Evans, MPA

Program Management & Development Analyst - Phoenix, AZ.

Mr. Paul Evans has senior level experience assisting organizations both public and private with the management and oversight of complex multi-faceted programs. Mr. Evans provides assistance to Pivot and our clients in helping to develop, organize, and manage contracts and client programs. Mr. Evans provides high-level strategic planning and management assistance to Native American Tribes, Non-Profit Organizations and others. In addition to these tasks Mr. Evans also provides senior level technical editing and quality assurance in document editing and production.


Mr. Evans received his bachelors degree in Business Management, and his Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of San Francisco (USF).

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